Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Circle And Dot Illusion!

Hey Peeps! I know what you're thinking! "Leesa, it's winter! Aren't you cold?". And the answer to that question is " Who has time to feel cold ... I had a baby shower!!" :D. For the very fabulous day, I wore a gorgeous red spotty dress ( bought for just £1 at a car boot sale in perfect condition might I add!), teamed with a matching headscarf and a kitsch dominos bracelet! I'm very lucky for many reasons peeps! I'm lucky that I can still find clothes that I'm still comfortable in whilst pregnant, but I'm also VERY lucky to have such fabulous family and friends who will throw me more than one baby shower, time with my favourite people .... and gifts :P Are you guys after something red too? I've always said in these blogs how much I love red, so I'll tell you guys where you can find some fab stuff :) You need to check out the following link to PD ASOS Marktplace! You wont regret it! I pinkie promise :) Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

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