Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Orange Is The New Silver!

Hey peeps! So, I know I said the other day that silver is the new black... but it just so happens that orange is the new silver! I know, it just sort of happened :P I felt very colourful this morning, so I wore my AX Paris dress ( which I just love to the moon and back!). I then popped on an orange ( love!) head bow to match with my orange beads! So much orange ... so little time :P I added a cardigan, leggings and of-course animal print shoes :) If you guys are agreeing with me about how simply fab orange is, stock up at PD ASOS Marketplace now! Here's a link to some of our orange stock! https://marketplace.asos.com/boutique/pretty-disturbia?oss_ss=1&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=1#oss_ss=1&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=1&f:colour=6288&f:gender=1. Happy shopping! Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Silver Is The New Black!

Hey peeps!  Today I got up and thought " Hmm, silver, fabulous idea :P" So I'm wearing a LOT of silver right now :P My outfit of the day consists of: This silver/grey top I picked up at a car boot sale ( £2 bargain!), maternity jeans, a white vest and a vintage head bow! Perfect for a day in the PD Design studio :) I feel very christmassy.... but at the same time I kind of feel like a human sized christmas cracker :P If you guys are suddenly realising " Oh my goodness... I have no silver this season", chill out :P Check out PD ASOS Marketplace, we have some fab stuff :) https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=pretty+disturbia&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=#q=pretty%2Bdisturbia&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=&f:colour=6295%3B6302&f:gender=1. Have fun shopping :) Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Friday, 12 December 2014

Return Of The Mac!

Hey there my lovely peeps! I hope you've all started your christmas shopping (if not finished it!), you need to get it done asap! I finished mine in October, so now I can put my feet up and relax at home with my hubby watching christmas classics, it really IS a wonderful life :) My cute little outfit for today was a beaded Topshop top, maternity jeans, a classic cream mac, animal print pumps, and a vintage head bow :) Very simple and neutral for moi :)  Check out some of our fab coats at PD ASOS Marketplace to keep warm this xmas :) https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=pretty+disturbia&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=#q=pretty%2Bdisturbia&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=&f:category=coats. Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Circle And Dot Illusion!

Hey Peeps! I know what you're thinking! "Leesa, it's winter! Aren't you cold?". And the answer to that question is " Who has time to feel cold ... I had a baby shower!!" :D. For the very fabulous day, I wore a gorgeous red spotty dress ( bought for just £1 at a car boot sale in perfect condition might I add!), teamed with a matching headscarf and a kitsch dominos bracelet! I'm very lucky for many reasons peeps! I'm lucky that I can still find clothes that I'm still comfortable in whilst pregnant, but I'm also VERY lucky to have such fabulous family and friends who will throw me more than one baby shower, time with my favourite people .... and gifts :P Are you guys after something red too? I've always said in these blogs how much I love red, so I'll tell you guys where you can find some fab stuff :) You need to check out the following link to PD ASOS Marktplace! You wont regret it! I pinkie promise :) https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=pretty+disturbia+&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=#q=pretty%2Bdisturbia%2B&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=&f:colour=6287. Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Monday, 8 December 2014

All I Want For Christmas ... Is Another Tunic!

Hey there peeps! HAPPY DECEMBER! ( Again!). I just love so many things about December! Jumpers. Christmas films! Presents! Oh my goodness I can't even deal with how much I love Xmas :) Today I wore this little embroidered black tunic ( which I thought looked quite Hungarian!). I teamed this with some maternity black jeans, animal print shoes and of-course a cute little pink shrug which is from Oui Moments ( and I grabbed for only £3.49 in a charity shop! So much winning!). The weather has most definitely turned to winter so lets all get those knitwear and layer them up! If you guys are jel of my little tunic, I might happen to know a fab store that sells cute clothing *cough* Pretty Disturbia*cough* ;) Here's a link to some of our fab tunics for sale! https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=Pretty+Disturbia+tunic&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested= Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Fur Heavens Sake!

Hey peeps! Getting into my winter wardrobe :) It's so cold! I wore this for a day in the office (which was a very cold winters day). This ensemble is made up of: This Topshop PolkaDot Maternity dress from my lovely friend Krissie ( Thank-you! ), teamed it with a fabulous little vintage cardigan, a Burberry Headbow and some comfy Office Boots, which I'm so happy to be back in might I add ;) Oh goodness, dressing up warm can only mean one thing, Christmas is coming to town ... or is that Santa .... both I guess :P If you guys wanna dress warm and cosy like moi, check out some of our warm knitwear at PD ASOS Marketplace :) Here's the link: https://marketplace.asos.com/boutique/pretty-disturbia?oss_ss=1&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=1#oss_ss=1&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=1&f:category=cardigans%3Bjumpers. Happy shopping peeps ;) Kisses from Leesa! :) xxx

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Countdown: Leesa Style!

Hey peeps! I hope you guys are all getting into the christmas spirit as I am! I have a tradition in the build up to christmas where I watch one christmasy film per night in the build up to the big day, and honestly, you guys should try it! It really gets you in the season spirit :) Today I'm wearing my cute floral dress again, but this time I styled it up with a denim waistcoat ( trying to grab a bit of summer back!), a bandana and navy boat shoes :) I accessorised it all with a pocket watch necklace :) For anyone wanting to check out a good bandana this season, here's a selection that we have on sale at PD ASOS Marketplace :) https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=pretty+disturbia+bandana&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=. Kisses from Leesa :) xxx