Monday, 29 September 2014

Bronzed Beauty!

Hey Peeps! Okay, so I know  I’m always throwing around  lines like “ How pregnant do I look?” and “ #pregnancylife”  …but seriously? I am so  massively pregnant right now :P My lovely baby needs to  make an appearance soon so  that I can stop referring to  her as a bump, and in this  picture it looks like a big bronze bump :P This was my  outfit choice for a date night  with my lovely English  gentleman hubby :) The top  is a beautiful piece from  Phase Eight and I teamed it with a classic Mac and bronze killer heels!! I  feel so glam today :D Do you guys wanna get in on the bronzed look too? No problem! Pretty Disturbia have a small selection of bronze items on PD ASOS Marketplace at the following link: q=Pretty+Disturbia+bronze&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested= . Stay tuned for more maternity fashion peeps :) Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Denim My Darling!

Hey Peeps, happy Saturday! Pop your feet up, make yourself a cuppa tea, chill out with your bf/gf and just enjoy your lovely saturday morning :) Today I've decided to get use of my maxi dresses while I still can :) Summer ( like the weekend) isn't forever :/ This maxi dress has definitely been well worn! I heart it and have had it for years, but it still looks as fab as the day I bought it :) I teamed it with my Deichman loafers and a denim jacket, which also had a fab swarovski crystal brooch attached! I am very happy with this :) Do you guys want to rock a maxi dress too? Check out the ones we have at PD ASOS Marketplace: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Friday, 26 September 2014

Russian Doll!

Hey Peeps, happy funky fabulous friday :) These next 24 hours are the best day of the week, enjoy it! :) As you guys know, you're like my styling assistants, so, what do you think? I adore this dress, it's so kitsch :) It's very Russian style, so just call me a Russian doll :) I popped on a tartan headbow from Pretty Disturbia, which can be found at the following link: The satin shoes are from New Look :) Sadly, I wore this to the funeral of a lovely woman, my best friends mum, as we were asked to wear colour rather than black. It was of-course a sad day but we gave her a send off and I'll bet she's smiling down on us all :). Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Loving My Religion!

Hey Peeps! How's your thursday going? If it's anything like mine it's going fab :) I feel like there are definitely good and better things around the corner, and those things are called: Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday! I'm sorry guys, that was an attempt at humour, let me know if it worked! Whatcha think of my ootd? Thumbs up or thumbs down? This little tunic was just £1 at a car boot sale, can you believe it? Now THATS a bargain! I teamed it with my high shine leggings and of-course my favourite Religion jacket to complete the look :) My shoes are ( naturally) those Deichman white loafers, and my head bow is vintage ( naturally again!). Honestly, pregnant or not, aren't leggings SO ultra comfy? I think today should be "Buy Some Leggings' day, and I think it you should go on PD ASOS Marketplace to buy them, check them out: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Marvellously Mad Men!

Hey there peeps! Happy Wednesday, and also happy mid- week, not long to go now till the weekend!! So two things, firstly, can you guess the colour theme? Red perhaps :P And secondly, can you guess what TV Show style I'm channeling today? Mad Men of-course! This style of dress is so timeless that it looks simple yet wonderfully romantic, perfect for a date in London... which is EXACTLY what I wore it to.  Date night with my wonderful husband :) Teamed with red heels from Wallis and a red bag from TopShop, you can see how much I love red :) Also matched with a vintage black blazer and chunky pearls, I feel that it oozes elegance and red is of-course the colour of romance and love :) Do you guys love red as much as me? You should check out some of our red items from PD ASOS Marketplace, you'll fall in love, I promise :) Here's the link: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Nuts On Nautical!

Hey Peeps! :) So anyone that  knows me will know how nuts  about nautical I am right now :) I  should be made an honorary sailor! Today I wanted to go  nautical, so I matched together  this navy shift dress, with a  nautical print cardigan from  Urban Outfitters, and finally I  popped on some nautical  coloured vintage beads and  slipped on my white deichman  loafers to complete the look :D Nautical is a trend that just  keeps coming back around, so  accept it and embrace it peeps! :) Check out the nautical style  items we’re selling at PD ASOS  Marketplace at the moment, check them out: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Monday, 22 September 2014

Beaded Beauty!

Hey Peeps :) !! I hope everyone’s been  having a nice Monday, you know, despite it being monday!! I know I have :) I went a bit  punky today, style wise of-course :P I absolutely adore this dress! It’s by  the brand Little Mistress and was  found in a charity shop! I’m telling  you guys, charity shops are amazing  for bargains of the fashionable kind :) I think that matched with my new  burgundy cardigan and my black and green beads, it looks like a killer  punky combination :) Do you guys  wanna go punky too? Check out the  following link to see our punky  garments at PD ASOS Marketplace: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx