Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bows Bows Bows!


Hey Peeps! Just a quick blog to talk about... you've guessed it ... bows! I'm having a bit of a bow moment over here :) This outfit consists of a maxi dress ( another bargain from Elite Dress Agency!), teamed with a vintage cropped navy jacket and my DKNY bag with ... of-course.... a BOW! Aren't bows just perfection? I love this :) And for any of you having a maxi dress envy moment, you can grab one yourself at PD ASOS Marketplace! Here's the link : Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Monday, 27 October 2014

Razor Sharp Fashion!


Hey Peeps! To begin with, I'd like to express my love for a brand that is true punk but also feminine and obviously fabulous, and that brand is the one and only Hell Bunny! I adore it :) If anyone ever wants to give me a Hell Bunny Gift any time soon they are totally welcome! I wore this cute little HB dress with a white cardigan and black leggings for a day in the design studio with my lovely PD Dollys! Yes at first glance it may look a bit grim, but that's all part of the charm :) Are you guys after some leggings too? I can definitely help you peeps :) We have a ton of beautiful ones in stock at PD ASOS Marketplace! Check them out at the following link: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Beauty Of Bows!


Hello peeps :) While my outfit may suggest differently, I am NOT feeling blue today, far from it :) I love my outfit choice for the day and blue is one of my favorite colors :) To begin with, this tunic was an amazing find from a car boot sale ( I know right, fashion bargain!), which I then teamed with a denim waistcoat bought from Palma on my last holiday :) I popped on a blue headscarf and a heart- breaker necklace which was purchased from the Elite Dress Agency ( fun fact - Elite Dress Agency is one of my fav shops!). Plus my white loafers too :P Blue is such a cool color, and we have a ton of blue stock over at PD ASOS Marketplace here: Get shopping :) Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Pink Floral Project!


Hey Peeps :) Today is a good day :) Very happy :) I went for a very pink comfortable look today, and I know what you're thinking peeps, you can have comfy AND fashionable clothes :P Todays ensemble is my amazingly comfy maternity jeans, teamed with a layered pink top and of-course an 80's vintage waistcoat from the ever amazing Cow vintage :) And finally there's an original floral print on a denim waistcoat! Love this :) I heart it! Are you guys after fab florals? Look no further! It's on sale at PD ASOS Marketplace at the following link: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Perfectly Punk!


Hey peeps :) Hope all is well with every single one of you my lovelies! More fashion talk, as.... you know ... it is a fashion blog :P Yes, it's another tunic and leggings ensemble, I know, shocker :P This isn't just any tunic and leggings ensemble though ... this is a PUNK inspired one :) Wearing my fab red and black tunic with my comfy leggings, I then teamed it with a funky cropped leather jacket and my Extreme Largeness necklace :) Oh, and a statement staple bandana of-course :) I feel so punk, and you guys totally can too! Check out our punky collection at PD ASOS Marketplace at the following link, you'll LOVE it:) Happy Punky shopping! Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Androgynous? Absolutely!


Hello my lovely peeps :) How're you all doing? Good I hope :) It's that time again where I'd like to blog about my outfit of the day and in general, just rant a bit :) And with todays funky outfit. I hope I shaln't dissapoint! Today I wore a mens re-worked white shirt with leggings, my funky (and favorite) white Deichman loafers, and to top it off I added a wonderfully exquisite Vivienne Westwood neck tie :) You can never ever fail style wise when wearing a Vivienne Westwood piece, it's practically a scientific fact ;) A fun, funky androgynous outfit for a day in the office! Are you guys after a cool neck tie too? Check out some of ours in stock on PD ASOS Marketplace :) Here's the link: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Pink Lady!


Hey there peeps :) I know what you're thinking, who runs this blog, Leesa Bertram or one of the Pink Ladies from Grease :P This wasn't my initial intention when putting the outfit together but it's kind of pretty perfect :) I achieved this look by wearing layers of hot pink for a day in the office, followed by going to a selection of tea rooms with my amazing cousin :) I teamed the pink explosion with my much loved maternity jeans and layered vests :) A vintage pink bandana and my vintage Kookai pink blazer complete the look and kind of make me look like Rizzo :) But no fear, I will NOT be coming in tomorrow looking like Sanda- Dee :P Do you guys wanna go for the legendary Pink Lady look too? Check out our pink collection on PD ASOS Marketplace, you'll love it :) Here's the link: Kisses from the Pink Lady! Aka Leesa ;) xxx