Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Maze of Monochrome!

Hey Peeps :) So this morning I let my mind wander a bit, and I realised that Tuesday rhymed with Blues- Day... does that mean the universe thinks Tuesday is automatically going to be bad? Naah, I'm not blue today... I'm Monochrome :) Do you love it? I feel so 80's right now :) I absolutely heart this long blouse, which is very 80's style! I teamed it with my very much loved cropped Leather Biker Jacket from Budapest, and my White Deichman loafers, also with a white bandana! I bet you guys are sat there thinking "I need monochrome in my life asap!" No fear, we have a few select monochrome items at PD ASOS Marketplace ;) Check them out on the following link: https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=pretty+disturbia+monochrome&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=. Kisses from Leesa!! xxx

Monday, 1 September 2014

Extreme Largeness Excellence!

Happy Monday Peeps! Well, not happy, because it's monday, but I can't really start my blog with " Monday Peeps!", that's just odd! New Day, New Week, New Month! Hello there September, I've missed you :) Now let me walk through my outfit choice for the day, I woke up this morning and decided: ' I'm going to wear the animal prints!". And I did :) I wore my oldest animal print slouchy t-shirt dress with a ruby red shrug and of-course this fantastic necklace from Extreme Largeness in Afflecks Palace! My Prada boots have made another appearance also :) Are you jel of my animal print? No fear, we sell our own animal print items at PD ASOS Marketplace at the following link: https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=pretty+disturbia+animal&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=. Kisses from Leesa !!!xxxx

Sunday, 31 August 2014

All Saints & Style!

Happy Sunday - Funday Peeps! Nobody think about work tomorrow JUST yet, instead lets have a discussion about my OOTD! What'cha think? I'm very very very happy with the dress if I do say so myself :) This All - Saints dress is THE most perfect dress, especially for my pregnant self! I picked it up for a fantastic £8 in a charity shop * All Hail The Mighty Charity Shop* :) My jacket was a perfect match from the brand Religion,  I teamed these with my White vintage bag and of- course my Prada boots to complete the look :) Pregnancy style can be amazing :) Are you guys in need of a new bag yourselves on this fine Sunday? Look no further than the following link to PD ASOS Marketplace: https://marketplace.asos.com/boutique/pretty-disturbia?oss_ss=1&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=1#oss_ss=1&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=1&f:category=bags. Happy Sunday - Funday and Happy Shopping Peeps :) Kisses from Leesa !!! xxx

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Red, Black and Fab!

Hey Peeps! Don't you just love Saturdays? It's the only day a week that you can knowingly roll out of bed at a totally random hour in the early afternoon, do what you want and NOT have anywhere to be the next morning <3 :="" all="" amp="" and="" asos="" aztec="" because="" black="" boots="" comment-3--="" delightful="" fab="" feels="" find="" finished="" from="" get="" here="" high="" https:="" i="" is="" it="" kisses="" leesa="" leggings="" likely="" marketplace.asos.com="" marketplace:="" most="" my="" nbsp="" necklace="" of="" off="" on="" outfit="" own="" pd="" prada="" punk="" q="pretty+disturbia+steampunk&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=." red="" search="" shine="" sisley="" steam="" steampunk="" stunning="" sunglasses="" this="" tunic="" very="" wanna="" watch="" with="" wore="" xxxx="" your="">

Friday, 29 August 2014

Little Black Tunic!

Dear Friday, no matter how much we fight, you always make your way back to me without fail! Thank- you for saving me from Monday- Thursday. Hey peeps! I hope you've had as fab a friday as I have :) To celebrate the end of the working week, I went out for a nice meal with friends! Yum :) I decided that this fab tunic was perfect to wear today, as not only is it super stylish, but it's SO comfy! Perfect for a pregnant lady :P I teamed the tunic with black shoes & Fluo shoe clips, a matching bow ring and a flower in my hair for a nice summery touch! Are you a lover of flowers like moi? Check the ones we have on sale at Pretty Disturbia at the following link: https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=pretty+disturbia+flower&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=. Kisses from Leesa !!! xxx

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Lady in Leather!

Happy Thursday Peeps! You know what that means right?? Friday is only a day away! So hang in there because before too long it'll be TGIF. I'm channeling a bit of designer- wear today, isn't it fab! While the outfit looks very simple: Black Tunic, Leather Jacket and Boots, it's full of designer glamour! The knee high boots are Prada and the stylish leather jacket is none other than high end brand - Armani! Both were uber fabulous finds at car boot sales for only £10! * Winning at life*
Steal my funky leather look by shopping at Pretty Disturbia on ASOS Marketplace: https://marketplace.asos.com/search?q=Pretty+Disturbia+leather&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=. Kisses from Leesa xxxx

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

20's Twist!

Happy Wednesday Peeps :) Summer may be nearly over, but all that means is that it's time to start wearing more cosy clothes and layering them up! I did just this by wearing this gorgeous 20's print vintage tunic, teamed with my cute designer cropped waistcoat and a Pretty Disturbia bandana! If you want a beautiful PD bandana of your own, find it at the following link: https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/headbands/pretty-disturbia-grey-bandana-head-band-head-scarf/1216936?fromSearchTerm=pretty%20disturbia%20bandana. I matched the other stuff with maternity jeans and my vintage cowboy boots ( because sometimes a girl just has to go a bit country!) It is getting so hard to dress while pregnant! Can you tell? 7.5 months pregnant now, nearly there :) Kisses from Leesa xxx