Monday, 22 September 2014

Beaded Beauty!

Hey Peeps :) !! I hope everyone’s been  having a nice Monday, you know, despite it being monday!! I know I have :) I went a bit  punky today, style wise of-course :P I absolutely adore this dress! It’s by  the brand Little Mistress and was  found in a charity shop! I’m telling  you guys, charity shops are amazing  for bargains of the fashionable kind :) I think that matched with my new  burgundy cardigan and my black and green beads, it looks like a killer  punky combination :) Do you guys  wanna go punky too? Check out the  following link to see our punky  garments at PD ASOS Marketplace: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day To Night Delight!

Hey Peeps, happy sunday! Don’t you just adore those  items of clothing that can be  dressed up or dressed down, this  tunic happens to be one of them :)  I’d just worn this smock at night  and now I was getting to dress it  down for a fab day out :) It’s the  same animal print tunic from the  night out, but to make it more  daylight friendly, I teamed it with  some comfy chunky velvet leggings and my MUCH worn loafers! I love  this dress, one of my best finds! Do  you guys want some stunning  velvet in your wardrobe too? Checkk  out PD ASOS Marketplace to grab  some now: Happy Shopping, kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Animal Print Perfection!

Hey Peeps :) I hope you’re all having a  fabulous fashionable day! :) Do you like  my creation today? It’s just a little  something I threw together, you know :P I wore this ultra fab animal print smock  dress ( perfect for any pregnant gal such  as myself!) matched with grey tights,  black exaggerated shoulders blazer and  vintage black shoes :) My bag is from  Aldo and my necklace was a much loved  gift! Do you guys want to unleash your  inner animal too? Then check out the  animal print at PD ASOS Marketplace :)  We have some fab stuff: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Friday, 19 September 2014

Back To School!

Hey Peeps! Lets celebrate our fab friday! What do you think of my outfit choice for the day? The song "That's What I Go To School For" comes to mind right? I wore this outfit for a fun day out with the family, and in this outfit I feel more like their teenage daughter than a fully grown pregnant lady! It just feels like I'm in my old school uniform, probably due to all the colours! This outfit is all cheap and cheerful stuff I've bought for my pregnancy, but my favourite part is definitely the collar on the dress! The collar is so funky I just adore it :) You guys need to check out some of the collars we have on sale at PD ASOS Marketplace: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Engagement Elegance!

Hey there Peeps, happy thursday! The friday countdown begins right now! Don't you guys just love getting dressed up? I believe that dressing daily can become a ritual, but getting dressed up for something special just makes you feel so fabulous :) Oh I do heart any excuse to dress up, so of-course I jumped at the chance for my lovely sisters engagement party! This stunning dress was a mere £15 in a charity shop, bargain :) Teamed with handmade brown jewellery, a brown vintage velvet bag and some killer bronze heels ( that you unfortunately can't see!) , my evening look was complete! Do you guys somewhere to go and get glammed for? You NEED to check out the following link to check out PD ASOS Marketplace, it's so gorgeous: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

70's Classic Chic!

Hey there peeps! I heard this quote today that I want to share with you all, it goes: Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. It certainly made me feel better :) So what do you guys think of MY style today? Thumbs up or down? I wore the outfit pictured, which consists of: A Stripey dress from Zara and my ( much much) worn Deichman White Loafers! I teamed them with an original 70's classic coat  ( that just oozes glamour!) and honestly I'm really happy with the look :) The coat was only £12.99 from a charity shop, lucky me! Get down to your charity shops peeps! Do you guys want 70's glamour like moi? Todays your lucky day! Check out the following link to PD ASOS Marketplace to get your 70's glam on: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Gloom and Glam!

Hey Peeps! Happy Tuesday! I love doing these style blogs :) It's one of my favourite things to do! Here's what I wore today for a gloomy morning in the office ( PD Headquarters!) This outfit consists of: A vintage black dress ( who doesn't love a LBD?), my Prada boots, a vintage bow in my hair and an Iron Fist Cardigan ( which I heart <3 :="" a="" and="" as="" asos="" at="" been="" being="" bit="" black="SLIMMING!" can="" check="" clothing="" darker="" day="" despite="" do="" especially="" fashion="" feel="" flattering="" following="" for="" from="" gals="" glam="" gloomy="" guys="" hardly="" help="" https:="" i="" in="" is="" it="" kisses="" leesa="" like="" link="" m="" make="""" marketplace="" morning="" my="" myself="" nbsp="" now="" of="" office="" our="" out="" p="" pd="" peeps:="" people="" pictures="" pregnant="" q="pretty+disturbia&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=#q=pretty%2Bdisturbia&oss_ss=&mpwa_searchIsSuggested=&f:colour=3166." right="" rockability="" say="" search="" see="" so="" some="" such="" t="" tell="" that="" the="" this="" to="" told="" too="" ve="" verdict:="" want="" why="" with="" would="" xx="" you="">