Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Style and Stripes!

Hey Peeps! Wanna hear a really bad joke? And I mean bad! Okay, why am I wearing stripes? Because I want to be spotted! Yeah.... not funny. Anyhow, Happy Wednesday my lovelies, and to celebrate this glorious day, I'm going to share with you my thinking behind todays outfit. This striped sheer top was bought from a car boot sale, and teamed with my Vegas shorts! To finish off the outfit I also added my Deichman shoes and my White Boater hat from Palma! Stripes are my everything these holidays!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nautical Number!

So it's only Tuesday... is it too late to give up on the week? Yes? Hmm, I'll just have to style my way to happiness! Here shows my style for this wonderful tuesday. Here I'm wearing my lovely navy tunic dress, cheap but charming! Bought in Manchester, I decided to team it with a stunning Vintage headscarf and navy beads. My bag is from Deichman ( as well as my shoes) but the bag is customised with a unique red bow. Can you tell that I'm channeling nautical style at the moment? Just call me Popeye!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Go Red or Go Home!

Science fact of the day: One day on Mercury lasts approximately 1408 hours... also known as the equivalent to one Monday on Earth! All kidding aside, I truly believe that your day is what you make of it, a bit of styling and fashion can save your mood so that you don't develop what's known as Monday Blues! I love these skinny black jeans more than life itself! Matched with a red striped tee from Topshop and my oh so delightful white shoes from Deichman, I feel cooler by the second! My lovely leather bag was just £1 from a car boot sale! Car boots champion again! My hat is from a cute little souvenir shop in Palma, and my necklace ( with personalised names) is from eBay, and I adore it! Hmm, maybe Mondays aren't too bad...

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Stripes and Soul!

Hold back the tears peeps! I know it's Sunday but do what any Brit would do, keep calm, carry on, sip a cuppa tea and try to ignore the inevitable madness that comes with Monday mornings! Today I'm wearing this beautiful nautical tee which I bought in beautiful Palma, with some shorts I bought in Vegas many a year ago! My bag was from Deichman which I customised with a red bow that simply screams "LOOK AT ME". I'm a cliche flower headband is from New Look, very festival chic!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Coral Appreciation Day!

I hope everyone is having as good a Saturday as me! I think that there should definitely be a day between Saturday and Sunday! Lets call it...Satunday! Hmm, maybe not! But it's not a bad idea anyway! Today I woke up and I just thought "...Coral."I'm wearing this lovely long tunic dress from Primark, matched with a stunning gothic looking handmade Pretty Disturbia waistcoat, accessorised with a chunky necklace and bangle from Mango to finish it off, as well as some black vintage shoes, and this kisch vintage shoulder bag! Perfect for a lovely date with my lovely husband, I'm a very lucky lady!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Blue, Baby, Blue!

Friday... is that you?! I've never been so happy to see you! Hey there peeps! Weekend is a mere few hours away, and am I the only one who thinks weekends need to be longer? It's not that I dislike the week, but the first 5 days after Sunday are the hardest! This look is simple yet stylish showing that sometimes less is most definitely more! I'm wearing a simple blue tunic from New Look, worn over my 50's style maternity swimwear, I made sure to add a pop of colour with my satin vintage headscarf. The flip- flops are from Primark, and i accessorised the outfit with a PVC black punk rucksack. Like my necklace? I simply love love love it! Find one for yourself at the Extreme Largeness shop in Afflecks Palace.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Who else is feeling trendy today, I know I am! This little denim tunic is right on trend! When accessorising denim, go red or go home! I matched the outfit with a summery hawaiian flower hair clip, red sleek satin heels and a red satin Prada bag to match! Need proof that you can look amazing for less? See that shawl? 50p at a car boot sale ( Jealous?) It can be dressed up for a night out with your fab partner, or dresses down for a summer stroll with friends. Honestly, with this look, you can't go wrong!